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Weight Loss Surgery Clinics Near Me

Weight Loss Surgery Clinics Near Me

Weight Loss Surgery Clinics Near Me We often hear the question of where are the weight loss surgery clinics near me. Weight loss surgery is an area that most people need. We perform weight loss operations in our clinic. In these operations, we take into account the person’s physical condition, health condition and wishes. As a result of some tests and analyzes, we determine a personalized treatment method.

We apply this treatment method together with our specialist doctors and team. Before the treatment, we provide detailed information to our patients. As a result of this information, we get the opinion of our patient and plan. We do not risk any of our practices by acting in a planned manner. In addition, we perform each of these operations at very affordable prices. We allow our patients to have the desired appearance and to get rid of their diseases. You can continue reading our article for weight loss surgery near me and more.

If you have not been able to lose weight despite diet and exercise, you may prefer weight loss surgery. In this context, you can choose the most suitable operation for you. For this, you must first apply to a clinic and talk to the doctor. In these operations, we usually reduce the stomach volume. In addition, we aim to make the patient feel full with very little food. Also, in this operation, we remove or reduce a certain part of the stomach. We carry out most of the operations closed. We do not make these applications to anyone who wants to lose weight. For this, we determine the suitability of the patients. If you cannot lose weight, you should first try methods such as diet and exercise. You should not immediately resort to weight loss surgery

Weight Loss Surgery Clinics Near Me And Types of Surgery for Obesity Treatment

Along with the developing technology, there are various surgical techniques we use in obesity. We decide on the choice of surgery together with our doctors and our patient according to the health status of our patient.

Gastric Balloon
One of the simplest obesity operations that helps to lose weight is the gastric balloon application. In this method, we place a balloon containing liquid or air into the stomach. We complete this process in approximately 15 minutes. Thus, we reduce the nutrient capacity of the stomach. We also ensure that our patients are satiated quickly. With this method, we enable our patients to lose 7-8 kilos in a few months with diet and exercise. However, we can keep this balloon in your body for 6 months to 1 year. Then we have to remove it. It is preferred by many of our patients due to its simple application. If you do not pay attention to your diet and order after removing the balloon, you will not be successful in this application. Therefore, you should continue with your diet and exercise.

Weight Loss Surgery Clinics Near Me And Tube Stomach and Gastric By-Pass

Gastric sleeve gastrectomy is among the most preferred surgeries for weight loss. In this method, we remove 90% of the stomach. So we turn the stomach into a tube. With this surgery, we reduce the person’s calorie intake. We complete this closed surgery within 2 hours. We recommend our patients to stay in the hospital for 2 days.

In addition, we recommend that you consume liquid foods for two weeks after the surgery and then switch to soft foods. In addition, we consider vitamin supplements necessary. After this surgery, you should take care to chew food thoroughly. You should also consume in small portions. In addition, you should not forget to exercise. Also, in order not to regain the weight you lost, you should especially give up sugar.

In the Gastrih Bypass method, we basically divide the stomach into two parts. Thus, we reduce the person’s calorie intake. In addition, by reducing the absorption, we enable you to experience weight loss. We also apply this method in closed surgery. We usually get good results. However, we expect our patients to act in accordance with our recommendations after the surgery.

Is There a Vitamin Deficiency After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

We do not interfere with the nutrient absorption mechanism during obesity surgeries. However, we ask our patients to pay attention to the nutritional rules after sleeve gastrectomy surgery. As a requirement of this, we ask you not to eat solid food until your stomach functions are fully restored. For this reason, you may need additional vitamin supplements for the first 3 months, as you are fed liquid and puree. We recommend taking iron, calcium, vitamin B12 and multivitamins. By taking these vitamins for 1 year, you can prevent the occurrence of health problems due to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. However, after this surgery, our patients do not have to take lifelong vitamin supplements. There is a period of use of vitamins.

Is There Any Sagging In The Body After Tube Stomach Surgery?

You may experience sagging in some parts of your body due to weight loss after sleeve gastrectomy surgery. There may be sacrum, especially in your arms, inner thighs and abdomen. However, sagging does not occur in every patient who has sleeve gastrectomy surgery. This situation is related to your structure. At this point, it is important how much weight you lose and how much your skin elasticity is maintained. In addition, your gender, age, and weight loss exercises are also linked to your sagging problem. You can cope with this problem by exercising regularly. You can also apply to plastic surgery in cases of sagging.

Is There a Reduction in Diseases After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

We can say that there is a direct link between the weight problem and some systemic diseases. Excess weight can cause many diseases in a person. These diseases include diabetes (diabetes), high cholesterol, heart diseases, and stroke problems. If you have this type of ailment before the operation, your diseases may improve due to weight loss after the operation. We see improvements in diabetes, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, and high triglyceride problems in patients who lose weight after sleeve gastrectomy surgery. There is also improvement in some diseases such as joint disorders, infertility problems and sexual dysfunctions.

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